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With an average age of 25 years, Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe. Almost 70% of 1.8 million Kosovars are younger than 35 years. More than half of the population is aged 15 – 24. Albanians comprise 92% of the population, Serbs 4% and other ethnic minorities – Roma, Ashkali, Egyptian, Gorani, Turk, Bosniak, Croats, etc., 4%. Albanian and Serbian are official languages. The Constitution establishes Kosovo as a secular state and the country is renowned for tolerance towards religion and atheism.[ref]

Kosovo Capital City

Prishtina (since 1947)

Official language – Albanian

With approximately more than 90% of the population of Kosovo being ethnic Albanians, the Albanian language is recognized as an official language along with Serbian. Other languages including Turkish, Romani, and Bosnian are also spoken.
Albanian is an Indo-European language thought to be derived from Illyrian language is very distinct from most Indo-European languages and it remains independent of its sub-group. It is spoken by numerous inhabitants of the Albanian culture especially those bordering Albania and Kosovo.
The second official language of Kosovo is Serbian. English is widely spoken, especially by youth. English is also taught at schools starting from primary education.

Kosovo Political System

Kosovo is a Parliamentary Republic.


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